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Tonight’s Dinner: Garden Fresh Green Beans

April 21st, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

Malcolm called me out to the backyard this afternoon because he had something important to show me. It turns out, we had a lot of beans ready to harvest.

Malcolm Harvests Green Beans

Malcolm Picks Green Beans from our Backyard Vegetable Garden

Malcolm isn’t the only Steinhoff to have picked beans from his own garden. His Great Grandfather, L.V. Steinhoff was also a fan of beans. His bean plants, however, look a lot better than mine.

L.V. Steinhoff Harvests Green Beans

L.V. Steinhoff Picks Beans in Dutchtown, MO

Show Us Your Backyard Vegetable Garden Beans

Look at Those Beans

How is your garden doing this season?

The beans are doing surprisingly well. Those are the first vegetable we have grown from seed. Everything else came in a pot.

Tonight we’re doing stir-fried beans with a bit of onion, garlic and a bit of bacon.

—Farmer Matt

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  • The picture of my dad, your grandfather, was taken in what we called The Garden down in front of the lumber shed at Dutchtown.

    Dad rigged the downspouts of on the shed to run into a huge steel tank that had once been mounted on the back of a truck to spray on dust when they were building roads.

    One year they forgot to drain it before freezing weather and the valve at the bottom froze up and cracked.

    In the Flood of 93, it floated up to the front of the property, managing to miss at least three sheds.

  • Knowing Malcolm, this ‘bean in teeth’ picture is as close as that bean will get to his stomach. ha!

    He came by it honestly, though. His grandfather won’t eat anything that is green, either. He thinks veggies are what food eats.

    • Surprisingly, Malcolm will eat just about anything if he is able to pull it off the plant. He doesn’t mind eating a green bean or head of broccoli if he picks it and consumes it while still less than five feet from the plant.

      On the other hand, take either of those vegetables inside the house and put them on his plate and he politely declines.

      I swear we’re going to start doing picnics in the backyard in front of the garden. He’ll pick and eat his own dinner that way.

      —Farmer Matt

  • Hey, at least he’s polite! 🙂

    Your beans look great! Purple beans are fun though. Look for the seeds in Lowe’s!