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Bushels of Broccoli from my Vegetable Garden

April 9th, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

Broccoli in my backyard garden, ready for harvest.

Broccoli Detail Photo -- Looks Yummy, Doesn't It?Yesterday I went into the backyard and my broccoli was standing tall and ready for harvest. In fact, it may have even been a tad bit past ripe. Some of the heads were looking a little seedy. In any case, I harvested from five of the eight broccoli plants. Nice! Broccoli with smoked provolone cheese was on the menu last night.

Broccoli, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Green Peppers, Jalapenos

In addition to the loads of Broccoli, we had a great garden day yesterday. We had plenty of fairy tale eggplant, hot bird peppers and jalapenos. There was a nice bell pepper and, of course, there are always sun sugar tomatoes ready to be plucked. Check out all this food…

Today's Garden Harvest

What Is Your Garden Producing Today?

What are you pulling from your garden today? What is ripe? What is on the menu for dinner? Let me know.

—Farmer Matt

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  • Thanks for the broccoli. It was yummy!

  • Thank you for supper. My counter looked like picture #2, but without the peppers.

    I had fried green tomatoes, sauteed tiny purple eggplants (with one green bean added, courtesy of Malcolm) and broccoli and cheese. I had sun sugar tomatoes for dessert.

    Loved it all!

  • hi, great picture! I am giving a presentation on a new appliance for the rapid recycling of food scraps in to fertilizer, do you mind if I used your picture in there, and referenced it to you?

  • Totally off the subject but I am at a loss….
    Does anyone know where I can purchase Lakeside Jasmine plants. Orlando does not seeem to have any available