Watch My Food Grow ~ A South Florida Raised Vegetable Garden

Florida Backyard Raised Vegetable Garden

Initial Planting of Our Raised Backyard Vegetable Garden

February 12th, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

It’s garden creation photopalooza today!

Malcolm Surveys What Will Soon Become Our Raised Backyard Vegetable Garden Malcolm Surveys What Will Soon Become Our Raised Backyard Vegetable Garden
Malcolm is Taller than a Tomato Plant Malcolm, age four, verifies that he is Taller than a Tomato Plant
Establishing a General Layout for the Garden Before we Empty Pots Having no idea how close to plant my vegetables, I did a dry run first, digging holes and dropping in the pots to make sure everything would fit.
Sarah Supplies Pretty Ribbon to Tie Up the Plants - Pretty Plants=Happy Plants Sarah, loving wife, was happy to give up some of her ribbons so that we could tie up the tomatoes. In fact, choosing the ribbons and telling me which ribbons went where was the high point of her gardening experience so far.
Celebrity Tomato - My First Fully-Planted and Support Tomato This very celebrity tomato was the first in the ground and the first properly strung up. It also produced several green tomatoes which my mother already fried and ate.
Malcolm is Not Happy I'm Turning His Sand Box and Train Yard Into a Vegetable Garden Malcolm used the garden as a sandbox. He is going to miss playing in the good, dark soil. We will not miss him bringing dark soil into our house and onto our cream colored carpet.
Farmer Matt Ties the Last of the Strings Used to Support the Tomatoes Years of Boy Scout training allowed me to use the perfect knot for each and every plant.
Pretty Ribbon=Pretty Plants=Happy Plants=Lots of Vegetables Sarah thinks that pretty ribbons will make the plants feel pretty and that when plants are feeling pretty, they are going to produce more vegetables. You’re welcome to offer you own opinion or research on this theory below.
Our Fully-Planted and Ready to Produce Raised Backyard Vegetable Garden And there you have it, our fully-planted and ready to grow backyard raised vegetable garden.

Our Garden Plans for Next Year: Bigger

Throw a link below to your vegetable garden. I’m already planning for next season. My plans for next year can be summarized in one word: bigger.

Now that I’m hooked, I want to see what other raised vegetable gardens look like. Honestly, I did absolutely no research before I began and am now playing catch-up.

—Farmer Matt

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  • I LOVE this idea. Gardening is quite addictive and I know what its like to get all down and dirty and find you just can’t get enough…wait….ok, yes, I’m talking about gardening.
    It is having me wanting to get out there and get my garden going again.
    And as far as the ribbons go, I do subscribe to the whole plants feeling pretty. Or at least, they look pretty and it’s certainly better than the pantyhose method.

  • Ribbons are great — till plants expand. They have to be somewhat loose, or can restrict the plant growth. Really!
    Pantyhose, as ugly as they seem, are flexible.
    So don’t knot too tightly or you’ll choke your chokes and strangle your figs.

  • I am so glad your first season was a success! I am in my sophmore season my self, and my addiction continues to get stronger. Check out my VBlog on youtube. My channel is Kamisha100.