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Vegetables Are Peeking Out of the Ground

November 3rd, 2013 by Lila Steinhoff

Veggies from Seed

It has been about a month since the plastic was pulled off the garden boxes, and they were fertilized, raked level and watered. Right after, seeds were planted at various depths. Seed packets always have planting times, depths and distances on the backs of the packages. For the  lettuce, spinach and radishes, I made rows 1/2 inch deep.

lettuce bedLettuce Box with Rows

Mesclun Lettuce SeedMesclun Lettuce Seed

I plant lettuce in rows about eight inches apart. I do this to have enough room between the rows to plant additional rows of  lettuce seed every two weeks. That way, we have fresh salad greens all spring.

IMG_3448Inch Deep Holes for Seeds

Green beans are put into the ground as a single seed one inch deep. I push my finger into the ground down to the first knuckle… easiest measurement ever… drop in one seed and cover the hole.

That Didn’t Take Long

It has been three weeks since the lettuce and spinach were planted, a week for the green beans and three days for the radishes. All are coming up.


lettuceMesclun Lettuce

Lettuce and spinach were the first up. In fact,  the second planting, done two weeks later, can be seen between the taller plants. When the taller plants are harvested, the shorter ones will be well on their way to eating size. The taller plants will have be pulled up and new seed will be planted where they stand now. I keep repeating the process until it gets too hot for the lettuce to grow.

green beanGreen Bean Seedling

Green beans were planted a week ago.


Radishes were planted three days ago.

I’m always excited when the first green shoots can be seen coming up through the soil. So far, it looks like it’s going to be a good season.





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