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Today’s Hater: Garden More Boring Than Watching Water Boil

February 18th, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

Food Hater: Dani Price-Borton-OatesSister-in-Law Dani writes in part:

That is seriously the most boring stuff you have ever sent me. I’d rather be watching water boil.

Sometimes the Joy is in the Journey

Sometimes is it how we get to a place that makes the place so special.

Yes, the end goal is vegetables. Everything up to that point is just process. But, I’m enjoying the process. I liked building the raised garden box. I liked picking out plants. I like talking about vegetable experiences with others. I like going outside in the quiet of the morning and seeing what minor changes there have been in the last 24 hours. I even like pulling weeds though I imagine that joy will wane.

The Customer is Always Right

Still, let it not be said that Watch My Food Grow ignores the needs of its readers. Without further delay, just for you Dani, I present boiling water:

Come All Ye Haters

My garden’s kung-fu is strong. It will not be repressed.

—Farmer Matt

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  • “My garden’s kung-fu is strong. It will not be repressed.”

    Best line I’ve heard all day.

  • Based on what I’ve heard about Dani’s cooking skills, this MIGHT be the first time she’s seen water boil.

  • When I bought my first house and thus had my first landscape to care for, I took a course at the Mounts center…. and promptly abandoned it all after being baked/steamed in our July heat and humidity.
    Somehow that heat doesn’t keep me from bicycling in the summer though. I guess it’s all in what you consider fun.
    I just don’t like veggies enough to want to put up with gardening. But show me a hickory smoked ham tree or a ribeye steak bush, and I’ll be right out there with you in the garden.

    • Ohhh… That’s a great idea… Could I plant a rib tree? I can eat me a mess of pork ribs.

      Jan: Find me a rib tree. Or is it a bush?

      —Farmer Matt

  • Off topic, kinda: I once saw a photo of a huge mound of peanuts drying under a tree when I was young, and so was convinced they grew on trees.
    Not to disappoint: the ribeye bush is hooved, but comes with its own fertilizer. I’m thinking you don’t have room for it this year.
    I can get you a few egg “bushes” though — how bout a hen pen!!!??? Free fertilizer from them, too and they are natural pesticides — they eat bugs better than the skeeter eater dragonflies! Just think of all those fresh eggs!
    I can pull directions for a hen house off the web in no time for you.