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Crimson Bottlebrush Tree

February 12th, 2013 by Lila Steinhoff

Covered with Flowers

Bottlebrush trees grow where it is hot and sunny. Florida meets that criteria. They are small and branchy with long dark green leaves. No matter the season, the tree looks good.

treeCrimson Bottlebrush Tree

Florida in February is THE place to be for flowers, and this is a good winter for my Crimson Bottlebrush Tree. It is as full as I have seen it with unique red flowers.

full limbBottlebrush Flowers

About 15 years ago, I planted this small bottlebrush tree. They can be started from seed or a cutting. Mine was grown from a cutting.

The seeds for this tree are as unique as the flowers. The seeds look like groups of small brown beads attached to the bark. Some trees hold their seeds for years, and some release them yearly.

Bristled Flowers

The flowers look like their namesake. They are long, one flower per thin branch and covered with red bristles.

bee on tiny flowers

Bottlebrush Tree Flower

Tiny green buds open to white flowers with many red filaments. Pollen is on the tips. The flowers attract bees and nectar-seeking birds.

Small Evergreens

Bottlebrushes are evergreens that do not get very big… usually about 10 to 15 feet. Red isn’t the only color of the flowers. They can be purple, pink, yellow, white and green. I am partial to red.

buds and flowersCrimson Bottlebrush Flowers

It is very nice to walk into the yard and pass this tree everyday. So nice.

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  • So that what they are!….I have those in the yard too!

  • I was wondering if you could help me locate a
    Pink Bottle Brush Tree. I have the red ones and
    I have been doing research on the Internet and
    I found out they come in a beautiful bright
    Pink color. I need two of them.
    My phone is 239-848-5608

    Thank you,

    Janice Zelinski

    • I am afraid I won’t be much help with your tree search, Janice. I was given my tree as potted cutting by a friend many years ago. I have never had reason to search for one since.

      My best suggestion would be to call nurseries in your area. I know that nurseries in my area will order trees upon request, even if it is not something they normally carry.

      Good luck with your search for pink ones.