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War Food Administration Victory Garden Posters

February 3rd, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

Consider this a somewhat unrelated to growing my food but bonus post of War Food Administration Victory Garden Posters.

In researching my garden, I came across a lot of great WFA posters. Below are three. Enjoy!

Plant a Victory Garden

Plant a Victory Garden

Grow Your Own: Be Sure!

Grow Your Own: Be Sure!

Can All You Can: It’s a Real War Job

Can All You Can: It's a Real War Job

Canning Home Grown Vegetables?

If my home vegetable garden is successful beyond my wildest dreams, there is a good chance I’ll try our canning. My mother and her family have canned a lot of food in their day. Mom still regularly makes and cans her grandmother’s mustard relish.

There is another topic to which you can look forward!

—Farmer Matt

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  • Matt,

    I really like checking the garden cam you have, by the way, the plants look a little parched today. Are you going to water them by guessing, or are you going to set up an automated system for when you are on your bike and forget?

    I would be interested to see a cost analysis of this project from beginning to end. I know, you can’t really factor in fun, but you do have supermarkets down there that carry good produce don’t you?

  • I have to give credit where credit is due. The recipe is not my grandmother’s.

    Although, I remember helping my grandmother can a lot of different things, mustard relish was not one of them.

    She did make a kind of relish she called “chow-chow”. I think it was made from everything that was left in her garden at the end of the growing season. Tasted pretty good, though.

    The mustard relish recipe came from Jayne Payne, the wife of lab tech, Lou Payne, who worked for your Dad when we first came to Florida.

    I was lamenting the fact that I wanted “real” vegetables to can, so Jayne introduced me to local “u-pick-it” places. There used to be a slew of them west of town. Of course, when we came to WPB, there wasn’t anything west of Military Trail but land. We didn’t have to go very far.

    I picked strawberrys, green beans, peppers, and a boatload of tomatoes. I canned tomatoes all the time, once I found the “real” ones.

    But the resipe for the most unique and spectacular relish in the world is Jayne’s. It is made from green tomatoes… not a cucumber in it.

    Besides the recipe, Jayne gave me jars by the box full. We probably still have some out in the shed. Her husband gave me her canning pressure cooker when she died. You may have seen it in the attic and didn’t know what it was.

  • how do you can creamed corn?