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Cold Weather in South Florida – Tarping Vegetables

February 3rd, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

My Food is Bundled Up for the Cold WeatherThe National Weather Service is guessing that’ll be below 40 degress tonight and may reach freezing for some parts of Palm Beach County. I’m not taking any chances with my recently-planted vegetables.

The blue you are about to see on the webcam isn’t a technical error. I’m about to cover my plants to keep the warm. I might even stick a hundred watt bulb under the tarp tonight to make extra sure that the plants stay safe.

Stupid winter.

Are you doing anything special with your plants tonight?

—Farmer Matt

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  • Just before midnight, I see that it’s 48 degrees, with winds 9 mph gusting to 24 and a windchill of 43.

    Based on how your tarp is blowing around, your plants may be warmer than you are tonight.

  • Of course, you could be in Cape Girardeau with your grandmother, where it’s 18 with a low of 12 predicted.