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Spring in St. Louis

April 1st, 2012 by Lila Steinhoff

I am going to veer off the growing food subject for a day and go with growing beauty instead. I was away last week. Every couple of months, I make a trip to Missouri… Cape Girardeau to spent time with family and St. Louis to visit friends. My timing couldn’t have been better. I was there at the perfect time to see  Redbuds and Dogwoods in bloom. Actually, everything was in bloom…. from dandelions to huge trees covered with white flowers. It was everything spring is supposed to be. It was spectacular.

Pink Dogwoods

One morning while I was in St. Louis, I took a walk and came upon a street lined with small Dogwoods and Redbuds. I grew up in Missouri, and I remember how beautiful the white flowering Dogwoods were. These pink ones were equally amazing. Even these very young Dogwoods had large, beautiful blooms.

Young Redbuds

I was surprised when I looked closely at the Redbuds. I had no idea that the flowers grew right out of the trunk. They were as perfectly formed as the waterfall of flowers on any branch.

Iron-fenced Garden

Across the street, there was a well-kept garden behind an iron fence. It was a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to see it in the neighborhood.  Besides all the green, flowers were in bloom there as well.

Not So Lowly Dandelions

On this same street, along the sidewalks, there were dandelions everywhere.  They were as pretty as any flower in any garden you’d find. Of all the flowers I saw that day, dandelions were the only ones that the bees were working.

Huge Flower-covered Tree

I was told that these trees were white-flowering crab apple trees. I don’t know for certain that they were, but the flowers were spectacular. Each tree was draped with white blossoms. No matter what kind of trees… it was an awesome sight.

Fall Was Beautiful, Too

There was one remnant of last fall left on this street.  A beautiful old wood fence was the backdrop for some dry grasses that made it through the winter with their beauty intact. It seems fitting to add a bit of the past season. It won’t be long before spring flowers will have fallen, and nature will be moving on to summer colors. It’s the circle of life, and all of it is beautiful in its own way.




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  • Nice job. Spring in the Midwest is my favorite season.

  • Gorgeous photos, Lila Beth! simply beautiful!The floweing white tree does indeed look like a white crabapple. We have a red crabapple in our yard and it hasn’t quite matured like the white one yet. But I keep hoping! Enjoy your Spring in Missouri! Love you!