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You Have a Very Lovely Squid

April 1st, 2009 by Matthew Steinhoff

My good buddy Anika dissected a squid at Jupiter Middle School yesterday. She was quite proud of her squid evisceration skills and posted a photo of her squid.

dissected squid: lovely

You Have a Very Lovely Squid

So, upon seeing her squid, I commented that “you have a very lovely squid”. After posting that comment, I was struck by how odd that sounded. I mean, really, how often is squid described as ‘lovely’, let along ‘very lovely’? So, I hit the googles to see if anyone else had made such a declaration about the nature of squids and their loveliness. Google was bare.

Google Search: "You have a very lovely squid." - Matthew Steinhoff

Google Search: “You have a very lovely squid.” by Matthew Steinhoff

Matthew Steinhoff: Inventor of Squid Phrase

I had invented a phrase, ‘you have a very lovely squid’, that had not yet been uttered by humanity and indexed by Google. Subsequent searches using Bing, Yahoo and Altavista also came up empty. Thus, this phrase is mine. Throughout all the land, let it be known that Matthew Steinhoff first said “you have a very lovely squid”.

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