Watch My Food Grow ~ A South Florida Raised Vegetable Garden

Florida Backyard Raised Vegetable Garden

Green Stuff… the Good Kind

March 8th, 2013 by Lila Steinhoff

Just Beginning

When I left town three weeks ago, the vegetables planted in early February were pretty sparse.

early growthMonth-old Plants

The plants started with seed were anywhere from green fuzz to about about two inches high. The peppers and tomatoes were purchased in pots, but they were relatively small, too.

Lots of Green Stuff

During the past three weeks, the garden has taken off. I finally feel like there are veggies on the horizon.

green beansGreen Beans

The peppers and tomatoes are blooming and the beans and okra have taken off, as well.

Shared Space

Some plants are planted around other plants in the same space. Fast -growing lettuces will be used before the larger plants need the space.

lettuce and garlicLettuce and Garlic

I planted various kinds of lettuce around scallions and garlic, and it is coming up everywhere. The lettuce will be pulled up and used before the larger plants need the space. Radishes are around the  peppers. They will be ready to harvest in three weeks.

Herbs Are Still Tiny

The herbs were planted toward the end of February and have just begun to come up. The ground looks like it is covered with green fuzz.


Some, like chives, take as long as 21 days to sprout.

Look at It Now

garden boxesGarden Boxes

I’m beginning to get excited about the good things to come.





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  • Looks good and very Florida for this time of the year….I noted that garlic and lettuce is together is that so you pick it and then the salad is in already to go? How do you know how much garlic to mix with the lettuce to have the perfect blend???

  • Terry,

    I can see that I will have to plot my garden a little differently. Your observation to short cut the process means I should include the radishes and tomatoes in the same spot… instant salad!

  • I so envy you getting to put your garden out so much earlier and those of us still in Mizzzori. LOL Love reading your comments and looking at your pics…..Jean