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Meager Mango Year… Again!

April 15th, 2012 by Lila Steinhoff


My yard has two mango trees… a  Haden and an Alphonso mango. The Hadens are the ambrosia of the mango world, as far as I am concerned. So, I watch that tree with anticipation every spring. Even have it guarded by the old man on the tree.

Last year in April, we had a severe thunder and rain storm that blew the majority of the mangos off the tree. It was a meager year. I didn’t get enough to satisfy my yearly mango craving.

Wind and Pounding Rain

This spring, the Haden tree set a lot of fruit. It was dropping the usual tiny culls, but it had plenty of fruit that was coming along nicely… until Friday night.

We had a really pounding rain storm with a lot of wind during the night. We woke to find the ground covered with scores of half-grown mangos. It looks like another meager year. I am so disappointed.


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  • I have a tree( rental house) so not sure what type, but it bloomed earlier than in 2010( bumper crop year) last year did nothing and this year was loaded with fruit and have lost at least 300 so far…we count them when we gather them up each week. Still have maybe 75-100 on the tree but thinking we may lose them all eventually.

    • I was out today myself raking up more mangos that fell in the severe weather we had over the weekend. It knocked off about half of the ones we had left on the tree.

      This is the second year this has happened. Knowing what a treat they are makes it all the more disappointing. Better luck to us both next year.