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Okra Update

September 27th, 2014 by Lila Steinhoff

Still Blooming

Back in August when the other garden box was covered to solarize it for the remainder of the summer, the okra was still coming up strong. Since we don’t plant again until October, we decided to leave the okra until it quit producing.

Not only is the okra still producing, but it keeps on blooming! I know okra tolerates heat much better than anything else I grow, but, besides producing scads of okra, some of the plants are now 7-feet 4-inches tall using a tape measure.

tall okra

Tall Okra

I have never, ever had okra plants grow that tall. I have to pull the plants over sideways to bring them down low enough for me to cut the okra.

Over the last eight weeks, I have cut more okra than I ever expected to.

cut okra

Cut Okra

I have pickled okra, fried okra, put okra into gumbo and given away okra. I really like okra, but there is so much of it. I guess I will have to get new recipes off the internet.

Grandson Discovers Okra

Today, 3-year old grandson Graham came to visit and discovered okra. He saw me cutting it off the plants and wanted to help. I placed the cutters on the okra and let him squeeze them together to cut it. With a little help, he cut an impressive bunch of okra.

He piled up the okra and decided it looked really good. I washed a small piece and he bit into it.

G biting okra

Grandson Eating Okra

It was a winner. He ate two pieces right off the plant. He knows good stuff when he tastes it.

Okra Festival

Graham’s Uncle Matt and Aunt Sarah (a former Okra Fest Queen) attend an okra festival near Orlando every year in October. Looks like Graham could be a tag-along for the next one.



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