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More Wind

December 13th, 2013 by Lila Steinhoff

Blowing Again

On a calm day, a wind spinner adds a bit of color to the garden, but when the wind blows…

garden and wind spinnerWind Spinner

I mentioned previously that the winds  in south Florida have been substantial enough to cause the plants in my raised garden to lay over or be pulled right out of the ground. This wind issue is one that was new for me this year, and one that has forced me to take some creative steps to save the plants in my garden.

A couple of people have mentioned that they find it hard to believe wind, outside of strong storms, could damage a garden. Allow me to demonstrate how this could happen.

The visual aid should help explain why many of my plants had to be anchored to something sturdy this season.

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  • Wow Liza could us fans like that in the horse barn! What kind of motors do you have that makes them turn at that speed, and how fast do they go? What is your electric bill to have have such powerful machines running all the time…come you can tell us!
    with fans like that no wonder your plants are getting blown down and away!

  • Wow! That’s impressive. I have a similar ‘wind spinner’ (we call it a whirlygig) alongside the patio. But even with Chicago winds it seldom goes that fast. One year on vacation in Florida, I bought some sailboat wind chimes. But had to take them down because the constant clanking made me nuts ( wind chimes need a ‘breeze’ not a gale.